Yassar ‘Fry-Eye’ James, the alleged leader of the notorious One Voice Gang, who is facing seven counts of murder, was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Hanover Circuit Court last Thursday

When James appeared before High Court judge, Justice Martin Gayle, the court was told by Stephen Smith, who appeared for the crown, that a pertinent file was not yet ready. A request was then made for extra time to complete the file.

Gayle then ordered that James should be remanded into custody and all cases against him should be transferred to the next circuit court sitting, which is set for March 2019.

The police have described James as a trigger-happy gangster who has shown a penchant to be vicious against anyone who crosses him, including members of his gang.

In addition to his penchant for wiping out members of rival gangs, James is also linked to the selling of arms, extortion and contract killings.

He was personally linked to more than 20 murders but was only charged for seven.

Among James’ alleged victims was Valdemier ‘Wingy’ Chambers, another much-feared gangster, who was ambushed and executed as he rode back into Hanover from a football match in neighbouring Westmoreland.